The feature of consultation services of Triumph

According to the relative requires described in the selected standard and its fact, we will guide the corporation to set up or/and consummate its quality system, including:

1. Provide trainings about the ABC of ISO9000 Standard and how to write quality system documents, as well as internal quality system assessors.

2. Assign experts to research the corporation's management, confirm the quality system's framework and engineer the whole plan.

3. Guide the corporation to write quality handbook and system program, check and amend them.

4. Guide the corporation to consummate the relative documents to ensure the harmony and validity of the quality system.

5. Guide and participate the corporation's internal quality system audit, point out its problems and suggestions.

6. Carry out the accordance audit on the system and submit the accordance audit report .

7 .Assist the corporation to choose an authoritative quality system certification agency.